Reidy Contracting Group | Office Relocation

date: 2021-2022
size: 5,000 USF
location: New York

We were thrilled when RCG selected us to bring the vision for their new office to life in an exceptionally bright space overlooking Bryant Park. The design, which pairs polished concrete floors and wraparound walnut grille treatments with clean, bright walls and ceilings, embodies their culture of team collaboration, old workmates that become close friends and seemingly effortless entertaining and event hosting. The transparent entrance enclosing the elevator lobby ensures the space feels integrated and that visitors feel immediately welcome.  A large cross-functional space immersed in the New York City lively seasonal experience and charm of the park, can easily transform from hosting a private meeting, to a training or all hands gathering, or it can open completely and integrate a large Pantry/Bar/Lounge space which supports the daily needs of the office as well as comfortably accommodates large events. Sculptural wood pendant fixtures anchor a very large bar island with high-end appliances, and the choice use of Carrara front and center, elevate a classic finish palette for a wow factor while creating a feeling of practical hospitality. At the heart of the office, a large work area which is open yet contained, features white sit-to-stand desks and grey felt acoustic panels for an understated classic palette, making the center of the floor plate feel bright and clean. The minimal simplicity of linear lighting and white acoustical absorption, effectively blend in with the boasting ceilings, and pair with RCG blue and gunmetal grey accents for a balanced, branded feel.