“Empresa diseña metodos para reabrir espacios de trabajo tras la pandemia” | CNN en Español

CNN en Español entrevistó recientemente a Antonio Argibay, fundador y gerente de Meridian Design sobre como responder al reto de la pandemia COVID-19 para reanudar operaciones, observando la seguridad y salud de sus empleados.

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What We Can Learn From People Nailing That Work Life Balance | Bloomberg

Bloomberg highlights Managing Principal Antonio Argibay’s methods on how he unwinds and stays sane in the balance of his personal and professional life during current global health situation.

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How to Safely Reopen Offices: Physical And Behavioral Changes Are Key | Forbes

Meridian Design Associates’ Managing Principal/CEO provides guidance on how to safely re-open offices during the pandemic.

“Employees don’t need to be in the office for eight hours a day, five days a week. Post-Covid-19 planning should account for less than 70 to 80 percent of employees there at one time,” says Argibay. “And think about tangible tactics, such as installing barriers, and sensible layouts that allow employees to socially distance while not feeling ‘cut off’ from office life.”