Architects, Consumers, and Road Map for Environmental Reset | Construction Tech Review

We’re very pleased to announce that Meridian Design’s Managing Principal Antonio Argibay, AIA, LEED AP, is prominently featured in this Construction Tech Review article on topics on which he is passionate: environmentally responsible design and climate change. Argibay provides a framework in which architects – and others – can work through their profession to protect and preserve the planet.

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COVID Reshaped How Developers Build | Cooperator News

We are excited to reveal Managing Principal Antonio Argibay, AIA’s exclusive feature in Cooperator News, a leading residential real estate trade publication.

Argibay draws on decades of experience in real estate to address COVID-related trends the market is experiencing. He goes on to offer solid guidance on how developers can prepare for the new, evolving standards in residential projects.

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Smithsonian Tasked With Building First Museum Dedicated to American Latino | Cheddar News

Managing Principal Antonio Argibay, AIA, LEED AP recently appeared on Cheddar News, one of the country’s leading business news networks, to provide an update on recently passed legislation to create a new Smithsonian institution, the National Museum of the American Latino.

Argibay updates viewers with the museum’s current status and describes exhibits he hopes to see (spoiler alert: the American West!) once the museum is complete. Argibay is a board member of Friends of the American Latino Museum, a non-profit once dedicated to the passage of the bill that is now focusing on advocacy for the museum.

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Is Bigger Really Better When It Comes to Business | Medium

“Our operational blueprint prioritizes relationships aimed at solving problems and enjoying each other as people. We see our staff as a long-term investment for the company. We’re interested in hiring trained professionals who aren’t afraid to step up and take responsibility for what’s next. — Antonio Argibay, AIA, LEED AP

Jennefer Witter interviews Managing Principal and CEO Antonio Argibay in this newly published article on Medium that explores key benefits of smaller businesses models. Argibay discusses an array of advantages, including how these businesses might be better suited to incorporate the Agile Management Philosophy and the importance of a human-centric, #PeopleFirst business model that is inherent to many smaller companies.




Agile in Design: How it Works | Forbes

Along the way, we learned that designing a workplace has to be more than fitting in people and selecting nice finishes. It’s about the intersection of people, culture, workflow, process, and space. The workplace is really a tool for creating a deliverable a product.

Meridian Design Associates and Managing Principal Antonio Argibay, AIA, LEED AP are exclusively featured in this newly published Forbes article, “The Agile Management Philosophy in Design: How it Works.”

Describing the Agile Management Philosophy, its history, and its cultural and design implications for the modern workplace, Argibay examines how authentic applications of the philosophy can situate businesses for success.




NBCUniversal News Group Moves into New DC Bureau | The Commercial Observer

“A combination of open and closed collaborative areas were included throughout the plan to provide everyone with flexible workspaces. Meridian worked closely with NBCU News Group leadership to assure that the right adjacencies and requirements were satisfied for each group.”

Check out Senior Associate Carlos Young’s recent feature in The Commercial Observer, “the leading commercial real estate media company.” Young describes the the process of designing a media space, a specialty of Meridian Design Associates, to house the network’s 24-hour news operation.




How to Become the Leader You’ve Always Wanted | Architectural Digest

“Choose people because of their qualities, abilities, and intelligence, and then get out of the way and let them do the job you need them to do.”

Read Antonio Argibay’s AIA, LEED AP newest feature in Architectural Digest, a renowned design publication.

Along with other executives in design, management and technology, Argibay describes how Meridian’s #PeopleFirst ethos can influence leadership and management roles in the workplace.





CRE Executives Make Their 2021 Predictions for the Industry | Bisnow

CEO & Managing Principal Antonio Argibay, AIA, LEED AP assesses how offices might retain health measures as office environments enter a post-Covid world. Meridian Design Associates, alongside several major players in the real estate and land-leadership sectors such as JLL, Newmark, and the Urban Land Institute, forecasts how the ‘new normal’ might evolve in the industry throughout 2021.




How We Plan to Rebuild in the Post-Covid Economy | Authority Magazine

Our damage has been very light, and rebuilding will be healing focused. In other words, it is my hope that the process of opening and allowing our company to fully function while remaining safe will heal the damage done during this period. Growth will be based on recognizing opportunities for aggressive expansion to other markets by leveraging the robustness of our organization.”

Meridian Design Associates’ Managing Principal and CEO describes how Covid-19 has affected his business and how he intends to optimize Meridian’s posturing post-pandemic.

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Advocating for a Free-Standing Latino American Museum | Cheddar

We are happy to share Antonio’s appearance on Cheddar, the country’s top digital news network.

Antonio speaks about the need for the National Museum for the American Latino and how it will honor the many contributions by Latinos throughout the history of the United States, his #PeopleFirst philosophy, and how businesses can safely reopen during the pandemic.

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